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Why Us

First "skin hospital" in Spain

Our center and its facilities of 1,500m2 allow us to unite in a single space all the most modern technological advances for the treatments of CLINICAL-SURGICAL, ONCOLOGICAL AND AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY.

In CDI we have 3 operating rooms for major surgery, 13 consultations, phototherapy room, pathological anatomy, an auditorium with capacity for 60 people, cosmetic bar, etc.

To have an ambulatory major surgery license, it is necessary to have all the necessary equipment and instruments to respond to any eventuality during an intervention.

In addition to the physical means we have a team of highly qualified anesthetists. In our center we cover from the elimination of skin cancer with the most sophisticated techniques such as Mohs surgery, until we can offer a personalized cosmetics adapted to each skin type.

Our team - Passion for dermatology and for people

In CDI we have a team of dermatologists chosen not only for their CV and international prestige, but also for their HUMANITY and their ability to connect and engage with the patient.

This humanity is necessary to make a patient feel special who goes to the doctor, to take care of their emotions and expectations, to treat not only the disease but also the sick person. We are very proud to have the best specialists in: skin cancer, laser, hemangiomas, pediatric dermatology, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, ...



Training and clinic sessions

All our staff, medical and non-medical, is in constant training and frequently attend national and international courses and congresses to keep up to date on the news of our specialty.

Our clinic is one of the few private units in Spain that conducts clinical sessions. The doctors meet in multiple sessions (clinics, pathological anatomy, committee of excellence, etc.) to discuss the patients, their diagnoses and their treatments, and propose constant improvements. In these sessions we solve many difficult cases to solve and we promote the continuous training of our team.

We have an AUDITORIUM with capacity for 60 people, the best audio-visual media, direct connection to the operating room and the possibility of streaming.




CDI has been chosen for the second consecutive year the best monographic clinic in Spain by the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS).

MRS is one of the leading monitors in the world. It is an internationally audited monitor, since the monitoring and verification of its production process and results is subject to independent review by KPMG, according to the ISAE 3000 standard.

Our greatest satisfaction is knowing that most of our patients know us by the recommendation of other patients. In the last seven months 100% of our patients surveyed would recommend us to their relatives or friends.


Our clinic has a close relationship with a large number of doctors and medical centers of various specialties and has dermatologists who are regular speakers at international congresses. This fact makes cases difficult to diagnose or rebellious to treat to be continuously consulted with international experts. We also promote the training of our medical and non-medical team abroad in order to offer our patients the most effective and innovative treatments.