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service 360

Following our philosophy, PATIENTS IS FIRST, we have incorporated the figure of the Patient Experience Manager into our clinic. 

We are aware that a patient can forget what has been done or what has been said, but he never forgets how he has been made to feel.

That is why we try to incorporate into our clinic all the complementary services in a 360 patient care and companions.

Services offered:

  • Slogan. Free service to leave your luggage.
  • Wheelchair. They can be requested at the patient information service when requesting their appointment.
  • Wifi connection throughout the hospital.
  • Free choice of music by the patient in consultations.
  • Healthy project in the operating room. Healthy snack or breakfast with the supervision of our head nurse.
  • Discount negotiated at Petite Palace hotels for patients coming from outside Madrid.
  • Welcome pack for operating room patients.