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laser sessions with sedation

At least once a month, our team of Pediatric Dermatology led by Dr. Sánchez-Carpintero, conducts laser sessions with sedation to children in our operating theaters.

The objective of these sessions is to carry out treatments for the elimination or palliation of hemangiomas in children through the use of the VBeam laser, specific for this type of treatment.

The whole process is designed to find the best experience for both children and parents:

  • The waiting room is specially prepared for them, with books, children's furniture, games, so that their welcome is as comfortable and cozy as possible.

  • In the operating room, the material is adapted so that during the sedation process they are immersed in a child's environment. Sedation allows the treatment to be faster and more bearable.

  • Immediately after the treatment, their parents accompany them so that when they wake up they will be with them.

  • In the room adapted to the environment, also decorated and prepared for the needs of children, they are offered a healthy breakfast appropriate to their age.

  • Finally, they receive a gift so that the last memory of their visit to the Clinic is pleasant.


The next scheduled laser treatment sessions for children are:

  • October: 25
  • November: 22
  • December: 13
  • January: 17