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Innovation and Research

Innovation in our treatments

CDI has been characterized by innovating in techniques and procedures in clinical, surgical or aesthetic dermatology:

  • Our group was the first in Madrid to perform treatments for skin cancer, such as Photodynamic Therapy or Mohs Surgery. Both techniques began in 1994 at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid.
  • We were the first to use Photodynamic therapy in rejuvenation, calling this technique Photodynamic Photorejuvenation, a procedure currently used by many dermatologists in the USA. We publish this technique in the journal Dermatology Surgery.
  • We were also pioneers in the use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) for both medical and aesthetic purposes.
  • We injected Botulinum toxin since 1995. We have actively participated in the beginnings of certain lasers or minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques such as fractional lasers, intense pulsed light, radiofrequency or 3D biolifting.
  • We have created the first integral unit of infantile hemangiomas in private medicine. We value children together with pediatricians, surgeons, radiologists, anesthetists and cardiologists to manage them properly with medical treatments such as propranolol, vascular or fractional lasers, surgery or interventional radiology.
  • Our Vitiligo unit is the most complete in Spain, we have the latest technology in phototherapy and laser.
  • We integrate in a single space consultations, operating theaters of major surgery and pathological anatomy, this allows us to be more efficient and agile in the integral treatment of the patient.


Innovation in the way we treat our patients

To innovate is not only to offer the most innovative and advanced techniques, it is also to seek constant excellence in the treatment of patients:

  • Our "your music" system. Our consultations allow the patient to put their own music through the bluetooth of the room and thus feel more comfortable. This gives them more relaxation and tranquility when they have to perform longer or complex techniques, or when we treat children.

  • We are very proud of the application of Design Thinkig in our clinic. As for example the sofa "You and me" to make eliminate the barriers between the doctor and the patient and to give more proximity and proximity to our professionals.

  • We have created a Male Dermoesthetic Unit with the aim of making male patients feel more comfortable in the consultation, selecting the most appropriate treatments for them and giving them extra facilities such as special hours for them or a private waiting room.

  • We have an Oncology Aesthetic Unit where we provide free guidance to cancer patients on how to manage the alterations of this disease.

  • The Pediatric Dermatology Unit not only has a full team of professionals to offer a comprehensive treatment to the child but also the most innovative tools to minimize the discomfort and nerves of children in the consultation, such as a vibration device and cold.